Top 5 Beach Volleyball Video Games

Top 5 Beach Volleyball Video Games

Beach volleyball is a popular summer sport that has not received much attention from the video game world. However, over the years, some classics have emerged. Keep reading for a complete list of the greatest beach volleyball videogames of all time, across all eras and platforms.

  1. Super Spike V’ball
  2. Volleyball Unbound
  3. Dead or Alive Xtreme 2
  4. Beach Spikers
  5. London 2012

1. Super Spike V’ball

First on our list is a classic video game that has stood the test of time. Super Spike V’ball (or US Championship V’ball, as it is known in Japan, where it was made) came out in 1988 for arcades and the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was one of the first games to allow four players to compete at once.

Although the graphics pale in comparison to the current video games out now, it was actually very impressive for its time. The game was so fun and engaging that players would compete in tournaments to be named the best Super Spike V’ball team.

2. Volleyball Unbound

A close second beach volleyball game is Volleyball Unbound. This video game was released on Steam in its Beta stage in 2016. Although the game wasn’t finished yet, it quickly became a fan-favorite beach volleyball video game.

Volleyball Unbound was such a hit because of its realistic portrayal of volleyball. It has a comprehensive career mode where users can choose between male and female beach volleyball players. The game also has impressive graphics, so players can build custom players. Additionally, the game’s physics make it seem close to actual beach volleyball, and therefore perfect for real life players.

3. Dead or Alive Xtreme 2

There are actually three games in the Dead or Alive volleyball series, but the second is the usual favorite. Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 debuted in 2006 on the Xbox 360. This game expands upon the original by offering better graphics as well as more activities.

In addition to playing fun games of beach volleyball, there are also smaller games users can play related to a day at the beach. In this game, users can only use female characters for beach volleyball. Although this video game isn’t for the most serious volleyball players, it is a fun, light-hearted option for less competitive days.

4. Beach Spikers

Coming in at number four is Beach Spikers. Beach Spikers was released by Sega in 2001, originally for arcades and then for the Nintendo GameCube the next year.

Although Beach Spikers has some tough controls and jarring camera angles throughout the game, it is still a very engaging game. Part of what makes it fun is the option to play with three other friends. Users can compete in doubles beach volleyball at home with Beach Spikers. Of course, users can also play individually, but playing with friends is much more similar to the actual beach volleyball environment.

5. London 2012

The London 2012 Olympics video game was released in 2012 to allow users to play the Summer Games’ sports in their own home. It was released for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows. Although it includes many sports, the beach volleyball aspect is especially enjoyable.

This video game is one of the more realistic and professional beach volleyball games, since it’s modeled after the biggest game for real players to compete in. The game really transports players to the 2012 Olympics while they play on the court and hear the announcers throughout the game. Of course, a drawback is that users have limited options, since the 2012 Olympics is the only venue.

Honorable Mentions

Spike Volleyball

One of the more recent releases on this list, Spike Volleyball does a good job of delivering a beach volleyball game with modern gameplay and graphics. Released in 2019 for PS4, Spike Volleyball features a Madden-style format with 50 different men’s and women’s teams to choose from.

Although the graphics and physics are better than the last major beach volleyball video games, released nearly ten years prior, they are not quite up to the standard set by modern video games based on bigger sports. Nonetheless, if you are looking for a modern-feeling and looking game to go head-to-head in some virtual beach volleyball competition, Spike Volleyball is an easy choice.

Outlaw Volleyball

Published for Xbox in 2003, Outlaw Volleyball is a beach volleyball game where players can adopt various characters and engage in exciting volleyball matches. A spin-off of the game, Outlaw Volleyball Red Hot!, was released after the first. This variant of the game was set in Hell, with characters having devilish costumes and playing on a red-hot court referred to as the “Pit of Hell.”

The main mode of Outlaw Volleyball follows traditional beach volleyball rules, but other modes are available, including “Hot Potato,” where the volleyball is on a timer and explodes when the clock ticks down. Another mode, “Casino Round,” gives players more money the longer a rally goes on. Players can even use their characters to fight each other over disagreements, and winning a fight results in the player receiving their opponent’s momentum. The game featured a narrator voice by comedian Steve Carell.

Kings of the Beach

Kings of the Beach is a classic beach volleyball game for NES and Windows. For the time, the game play was groundbreaking and engaging, as the game was produced by Ultra, the studio behind the critically acclaimed Skate or Die. The standard format is a two-player co-op game, but up to four players can play together if a splitter is used.

The music and graphics were also excellent for the time, with high attention to detail and special touches such as hitting players in the face with the ball and arguing with the referee. Kings of the Beach features in-game tutorials, easy-to-master gameplay, and variable difficulty levels with lots of customizable options. Kings of the Beach was a groundbreaking beach volleyball in its time that continues to stand up today among vintage game aficionados.


What is the best beach volleyball video game?

The best beach volleyball video game is Super Spike V’ball. An old arcade game from 1988, this game was not the most advanced volleyball game ever created, but its revolutionary and addictive gameplay have made it a cult classic. Since its release, Super Spike V’ball has even spawned tournaments where players vie for the best performance at the game. Few beach volleyball video games have drawn as much interest as this one has.