How Do You Score In Beach Volleyball?

How Do You Score In Beach Volleyball

In beach volleyball, points are rewarded in the same way as indoor volleyball. Beach volleyball utilizes a rally scoring system meaning that either team can score on any serve. Teams play a best of 3 series. The first two games are played to 21 points and a third tiebreaker game is played to 15 points.

Beach volleyball teams earn points when the opposing team hits the ball out of bounds, fails to get the ball over the net in 3 hits, or makes a fault. Faults include fourth contact, player assisted, prolonged contact, and multiple contacts. Other ways teams can score are if they hit the ball and it lands on the opposing teams' side of the court or on the opposing teams' baseline or sideline.

The most common ways people score in beach volleyball are on serves (aces), with blocks, and when the opposing team allows the ball to hit the ground on their side of the court. When players serve the ball and it hits the ground on the other side of the court without making contact with any of the opposing players it is considered an ace. Blocks occur when a player jumps up to try and block the opposing team from getting the ball over the net.