Can You Use Your Feet In Beach Volleyball?

Feet in Beach Volleyball

Yes, you are allowed to use your feet in both women’s and men’s beach volleyball. While it is uncommon for players to use their feet, it is technically legal. Read on to learn more about the rules surrounding using your feet in volleyball and when players typically choose to use their feet.

History of the Rule

While you are now allowed to use your feet in both indoor volleyball and in beach volleyball, these rules were not in place until the late 1990s. In 1996, professional volleyball organizations such as the FIVB began allowing players to use any part of their body to strike the ball, including the feet.

The NCAA followed suit three years later, officially updating their own rules in 1999. In both leagues, you are now allowed to use any part of your body to make contact with a volleyball, and the ball will remain in play. When a player hits a volleyball with their foot, it counts as one of their team’s three hits, and the play goes on.

When Do Players Use Their Feet in Beach Volleyball?

Players typically use their feet in beach volleyball as a last resort. A player will attempt to use their foot to hit the volleyball only if they think it is their best chance at keeping the ball in air and in play, hitting near another teammate or back over the net. We usually see foot hits after a spike from the opposing team. The use of a foot in this manner is recorded as a dig and is often the best response to an attempted spike.


Can you use your foot in beach volleyball?

While it is uncommon, it is legal for players to use their feet to strike the ball in beach volleyball. It is also legal in indoor volleyball. Players typically only use their feet when absolutely necessary, usually when attempting a dig after an opposing spike.