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beach volleyball

Beach volleyball is a team sport in which players take turns hitting a volleyball back and forth over a net using their hands and arms.

Beach volleyball closely resembles traditional indoor volleyball, with the two main differences being the playing surface and the number of players per team: it is played on sand and in teams of pairs.

Today, beach volleyball is a fairly common recreational and competitive sport played by nations from all over the world.


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What are the rules of beach volleyball?

The basic rules of beach volleyball are to hit the ball over the net and inbounds without catching or scooping it. Anything other than this is likely considered a fault. Each fault awards a point to the opposing team.

Each point starts with a serve. Players must serve the ball from behind the end line to the opponent's inbound area and obey the service order.

The first team to 21 wins a set, and the first team to two sets wins the match. If a third set is needed, it is played to 15. Each set must be won by two or more points.

Is beach volleyball hard?

Beach volleyball can be a very difficult sport to learn. Many beach volleyball players have prior experience with traditional indoor volleyball, and this can be a good starting point as the two sports share similar hitting skills.

How is beach volleyball different from regular volleyball?

Beach volleyball has less players per team than regular volleyball. It is also played on a slightly smaller sand court and with a lighter ball. Finally, beach volleyball is played to three sets, while indoor volleyball may be played to five.

What do you wear to beach volleyball?

Male beach volleyball players usually wear a tank top and shorts, while female players usually wear an athletic two-piece or swimsuit.


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