Beach volleyball

beach volleyball

What is Beach Volleyball?

Beach volleyball originated as a new way to play volleyball recreationally with entertainment and fun in mind. With just two players aside, the sport is much more personal to fans, as it is easier for players to grow their brand and show off their personality. Beach volleyball was showcased in the 1992 Olympics, though it was not an official sport at the time. It is also a great sport to play for fun, especially if you and your friends have access to a beach.


Beach volleyball is very similar to indoor volleyball. However, it is played on sand, with two players on each team. A point is awarded when a team hits the ball over the net and onto the ground on the opponent's side. Hitting the ball out of play counts as a point for the other team. The team to reach 21 points first wins a set, and winning two sets wins a match.

Rules and Regulations

In volleyball, sets, spikes, and blocks are some of the many ways to hit the ball. Referees make sure players follow the rules of the game. If there is a fault, the referee will award a point to the other team. A few examples of errors are foot faults, net touches, and assisted hits.

Summer Olympics

Beach volleyball is a sport in the Summer Olympics. It was added to the Olympics in 1996. Brazil and the United States have both won medals in beach volleyball every Olympics. The Olympics are the biggest stage for beach volleyball, but the World Championships and the World Tour are also huge deals in the community.


Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh have been significant figures in the game of Beach Volleyball. They are the perennial top duo for the American female team. The two of them most memorably went 52-4 in matches in 2003.

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