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Wheelchair Basketball

What is Wheelchair Basketball? How does Wheelchair Basketball work? Get ready to learn about Wheelchair Basketball and discover how to be a fan, player, or coach. Start your journey to understanding Wheelchair Basketball here.

What is Wheelchair Basketball?

Wheelchair basketball is a variation of basketball played by people who have different levels of physical disability that prevents them from playing basketball. However, anyone can play wheelchair basketball! The game was originally a way to help rehabilitate veterans after WWII, but it evolved into so much more than that. The game quickly caught fire and became a staple of the Paralympic Games. Wheelchair basketball is now a fun way for people who physically cannot play basketball to stay active and participate in sports.

What are the rules of Wheelchair Basketball?

The rules are basically the same as basketball with a few exceptions. Some of the differences change the way the game is played. One of these is dribbling. Players are only allowed two pushes with the ball in their lap without dribbling. There is no such thing as a double dribble in wheelchair basketball. The only dribble violation that occurs is when a player pushes their wheelchair more than two times with the ball in their lap. Another difference is the way fouls are called.

In wheelchair basketball, the wheelchair is considered to be a part of the player's body when calling shooting, blocking, or charging fouls. This also means that if the wheelchair goes out of bounds at any time, the player is considered out of bounds. Also, the entire wheelchair must be behind the 3-point line for a 3-pointer to be scored. Otherwise, fouls and rules remain similar to basketball.

What are the components of Wheelchair Basketball?

The court dimensions and lines are all the same, the hoop and backboard look exactly the same, and the same number of players are on the court at a time. If you are interested in basketball, but are physically unable to play, then wheelchair basketball might be for you. It can be a fun alternative to basketball, and allows many people who would normally be excluded from basketball the chance to play the game they love.