Over And Back Basketball

Basketball Over And Back

Over and back in basketball is a violation that occurs when a player gains possession of the ball past the half-court line and proceeds to cross back over the boundary. If a player with the ball crosses back over the line without the ball being deflected by a defender, it will result in a turnover.


The half-court line (also known as the “midline”) is a line that spans the entire width of the basketball floor, splitting the court into two equal halves. Once the ball crosses the midline, it cannot be carried back to that half of the court by an offensive player

Backcourt Violation

If the ball handler is caught stepping on or over the midline after the ball has already been advanced to one side of the court, the referee will stop play to call a backcourt violation. This results in a turnover, with the offense conceding possession of the ball to the opposing team.

Backcourt violations are usually incurred when an offensive player is being careless and demonstrates a lapse of awareness. Players that fail to pay attention to their whereabouts on the court, especially when faced with pressure from opposing defenders, are extremely susceptible to stepping on the midline with the ball in hand.


Rare instances exist in which offensive players are permitted to obtain the ball behind the midline. If a defensive player hits the ball back over the line, members of the offense are permitted to cross the boundary and retrieve the ball without being penalized. In addition, a backcourt violation is not called if the referee deems that the ball handler was pushed over the midline by a defender, resulting in a foul being called on the defense.


What is an over and back in basketball?

In basketball, an over and back is when a player with possession of the ball crosses back over the half court line after already crossing into the opposing team’s half. The only time a player is allowed to cross back over the line and possess the ball is if it was tipped or touched by an opponent. Over and back violations result in a turnover to the opponent.

What are the frontcourt and backcourt in basketball?

The frontcourt is the half of the court that a team is attacking, while the backcourt is the half a team is defending. This is why over and backs are often referred to as backcourt violations. Teams are also given ten seconds once they inbound the ball or gain possession to cross into the frontcourt.

What is the consequence of an over and back in basketball?

If an over and back is committed in basketball, the consequence is the team that committed the violation loses possession of the ball. Outside of this loss of possession there is no other consequence. This violation does not ever result in free throws and does not contribute to an individual player or team’s foul total.