Basketball Kicked Ball

Basketball Kicked Ball

What is a Kicked Ball Violation?

A kicked ball violation in basketball is the act of striking the ball with a player's leg or foot. If a kicked ball violation is called, the referee will give possession of the ball to the other team.

There is always some controversy over what is and what is not a kicked ball violation. One thing that makes this rule a little confusing is the fact that if the basketball accidentally hits a player’s legs, then it is not a kicked ball violation. This leads to many plays where it is hard to tell whether a player kicked the ball on purpose or the ball hit his leg by accident.


While it might seem like a very simple rule, there are some strategies surrounding the kicked ball rule. Some players can use the kicked ball rule to their advantage, however, this is very rare. If you are on defense, sometimes it’s better to block a pass with your foot if you think the pass will lead directly to a basket. All this does is give the ball back to the offense on an inbounds play, which is obviously better than giving up points. What makes this play rare is that this exact situation does not come up often and it may be challenging to decide whether to kick the ball or not in this situation.