Basketball Illegal Use Of Hands

Basketball Illegal Use Of Hands

What is Illegal Use Of Hands in Basketball?

Illegal use of hands in basketball refers to when a player slaps or otherwise commits a foul with their hands against the opposing player. This can happen on offense if a ball handler uses their free hand to push off a defender or on defense if they are trying to stop an offensive player from shooting, passing, or dribbling.

What Counts as Illegal Use of Hands?

Basketball is supposed to be a low to non-contact sport, since no player is supposed to touch any other player on the court in a purposeful or harmful manner. So, when a player uses his or her hands to stop a play or move toward the basket and past a defender, a foul is called. Here are some examples of illegal uses of hands:

  • When a defender puts both hands on the offensive player
  • When the defender slaps or hits the arm of an offensive player, especially when shooting
  • When an offensive player uses their arm to push off of a defender and make more space
  • When a defensive player holds an offensive player and prevents them from moving

Any of these situations occurring would call for a referee to blow the whistle and call a personal foul on the perpetrator. They can be difficult to avoid, however, because a player’s hands are constantly working to prevent an offensive player from scoring or to get past a defender and score 2 or more points.