Basketball Wall Pass

Basketball Wall Pass

Wall Passes

Working on your passing can be incredibly important for developing your basketball skill set. However, it's not always possible to have another person to practice with. So, by using a wall as your partner, you can efficiently practice alone. In addition, wall passing can be done both indoors and outdoors, so the opportunities are endless for your practice location!

Types of Wall Passing

With wall passing, there are many types of passes that can be performed. You can pick one location on the wall to hit every time and practice chest passes, bounce passes, behind the back passes, or overhead passes. Each pass requires different circumstances, since overhead passing from close up could result in the ball returning over your head! The harder you throw the ball at the wall, the farther away from it you should stand.

Make sure to practice each type of pass, since you should have all of them in your basketball skill set.  Alternate through the passes and try to do many repetitions of each to build muscle memory. If you’ve mastered the bounce pass, work on your chest passes!