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Skip Pass Basketball

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Basketball Skip Pass

A skip pass in basketball is a pass that goes across the court over the defense. It is called a skip pass because it "skips" the offensive players in between to get across the court quicker.

How it's done

A skip pass is made by throwing the ball overhead with two hands-similar to a throw-in in soccer. Skip passes could also be made with one hand, but this is ill-advised as the results are usually slower and less-accurate.


Skip passes can be part of set offensive plays or made in desperation. They are less common than other passes because they are a bigger risk; it is harder for the passer to see where their pass is going when it travels over multiple players across the court.

Basketball Skip Pass

Although skip passes are risky, they can be very effective if used correctly. For example, skip passes can be ideal methods of breaking down a zone defense by requiring the entire defense to turn around before reacting.


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