Basketball Off The Glass

Basketball Off The Glass

Off The Glass

Off the glass is a basketball term that refers to a situation where the basketball hits the backboard and bounces off. The backboard is made of glass, so using this terminology is another way for an announcer to say ‘off the backboard’.

While a shot could be described as off the glass even if it misses the basket, this phrase is typically used after a player successfully banks a shot off the backboard and scores for their team.


basketball glass Backboard

The backboard is part of the basketball hoop structure. Regulation backboards are 72 inches wide and 42 inches tall.

Shooting Off the Glass

A backboard shot can be useful in many different scenarios. The most common off the glass shot is a layup. Players can toss the ball up and off the glass from inside the paint for an easy basket.

Long-range backboard shots are much less common in modern basketball. Unless a player is shooting a mid-range shot from an angle, players prefer to swish their shots, as it’s flashy and the ultimate sign of accuracy. However, for newer players, utilizing the backboard to your advantage can help increase your field goal percentage and help you learn accuracy and control.