Basketball Lob Pass

Basketball Lob Pass

Throwing a Lob Pass

The defining aspect of a lob pass is the height of the ball while traveling through the air. An elevated ball is extremely difficult for defenders to steal or poke away. One of the caveats to throwing the ball high in the air is that it doesn’t tend to travel as far. Therefore, if the lob pass is being used to connect with a teammate that is running down the opposite side of the court, it is important to exert extra strength/force when throwing the pass to ensure that it travels the desired distance.


Basketball Alley Oop

Lob passes are more commonly known to complete a basketball sequence known as an alley-oop. The process involved in successfully performing an alley-oop is outlined below:

  1. The ball handler (player dribbling the ball) notices that one of the team’s highest jumpers has gained separation from the defense
  2. The ball is lofted into the air, with the ball handler aiming for slightly above the rim
  3. The receiving player notices the lob pass has been initiated and tries to time his jump with the peak height of the ball once it gets within a catchable range
  4. The player jumps up and grabs the ball, slamming it through the hoop for a highlight-reel score (slam dunk)

Exciting the Crowd

Lob passes can energize and excite the entire crowd, specifically when they are used to complete an alley-oop. Players that are especially comfortable with catching and dunking the ball often incorporate fancy moves into their routine, such as slamming the ball through the hoop with one hand or completing a spin in mid-air before scoring.