Baseball Pass In Basketball

Basketball Baseball Pass

In basketball, different types of passes are best for different situations. The baseball pass is a one-handed pass that is great for moving the ball over long distances. Keep reading to learn how a baseball pass is used in basketball.

What Is a Baseball Pass in Basketball?

As its name implies, a baseball pass is a type of basketball pass that uses the same motion as a standard overhand pass in baseball. Baseball passes travel through the air or bounce on the floor on their way to a teammate after being thrown overhand. Players use one hand to throw a baseball pass instead of the normal two hands that a chest pass or bounce pass typically uses.

When to Use a Baseball Pass

Baseball passes are usually used for longer distances or when you need to make a quicker pass. It gets to your intended target a lot faster than a typical chest or bounce pass. The major thing to be mindful of is that because it is a pass thrown with just one hand, you have less control over where the ball will go. Don’t overestimate your abilities with a baseball pass and overthrow your teammate or miss your teammate badly and turn the ball over to the other team.

How to Throw a Baseball Pass

Follow these steps to properly throw a baseball pass:

  1. Start with both hands on the ball and your non-throwing shoulder pointed toward your target, similar to the stance of a football quarterback about to throw a pass.
  2. Spread your throwing hand out on the ball for maximum grip.
  3. Bring the ball up to your ear on the throwing side of your head.
  4. Step forward into the pass with your back foot, which should be on the same side as your passing arm.
  5. Extend your throwing arm and snap your wrist during the follow-through, creating backspin.


What is a baseball pass?

A baseball pass is a type of basketball pass that is thrown using the same motion as a standard baseball pass. An offensive player does a baseball pass by throwing the ball with one hand overhand to a teammate, either directly to them or bouncing on the ground first before reaching the teammate’s hands.

When should you use a baseball pass?

You should use a baseball pass when you need to move the ball a long distance down the floor or if you want to throw it up and over defenders. Although requiring strength, a baseball pass is excellent for getting the ball across the court. When defenders are aggressively trapping or pressing, a baseball pass is a good way to clear the ball to teammates and create some distance from defenders.