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Basketball Air Pass

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Basketball Air Pass

An air pass in basketball is one of the kinds of pass a player can execute in basketball. An air pass is when a player passes the ball in the air to one of their teammates.

The alternative to an air pass is a bounce pass.

There are many several of air passes:

Basketball Air Pass

Chest Pass

The chest pass is the most common air pass. This involves propelling the ball from ones chest to another player.

Baseball Pass

The baseball pass is a one handed pass. It resembles the motion of throwing a baseball, which is where it gets its name. This pass is best for getting the ball up the court quickly, perhaps in the dying seconds in the game.

Overhead Pass

The overhead pass involves using two hands to throw the basketball from above one's head. It is the same way soccer players throw the ball after an out-of-bounds. This is a good way to pass the ball over defenders.


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