Women's Basketball Hall Of Fame

The Women's Basketball Hall of Fame is a shrine reserved for the best female basketball players, coaches and business executives of all-time (collegiate and professional). Being inducted into the Hall of Fame is one of the greatest honors a basketball figure can receive, as it recognizes years of sustained excellence and a level of peak performance that few have ever achieved.


While there are no specific criteria for being elected into the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame, all inductees have been deemed worthy of the honor based on their contributions to the sport over time. For players, this generally involves a career defined by exceptional statistical performances (i.e. points, rebounds, assists). On the other hand, coaches and executives are usually evaluated based on a strong track record of leading teams to winning records and championship trophies year after year.

Who Elects Each Member?

Hall of Fame inductees are decided upon by a panel of nearly 200 acclaimed basketball writers and broadcasters, all of which have extensive experience in evaluating sustained success within the sport. Once a member of the panel nominates a player/coach/executive and states their case, the rest of the panel votes on whether or not a Hall of Fame designation is in order. If a majority of the members vote 'yes,' the person in question is officially appointed to the Hall of Fame.

Five-Year Eligibility Rule

Before basketball figures can become members of the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame, they must be five years removed from their active duties. In other words, upon retiring, Hall of Fame hopefuls must wait at least five years before being deemed eligible to receive the sport's highest honor. If a player/coach/executive retires and decides to return to the game before the five-year waiting period has passed, the count starts over again.


The Women's Basketball Hall of Fame is located in Knoxville, Tennessee. Visitors are introduced to each member of the Hall of Fame, along with their contributions to the sport of basketball as a whole.

2019 Women's Basketball Hall of Fame Inductees

  • Valerie Still (player)
  • Ruth Riley Hunter (player)
  • Ticha Penicheiro (player)
  • Nora Lynn Finch (Assistant Athletic Director, Atlantic Coast Conference)
  • Joan Cronan (Athletic Director, University of Tennessee)
  • Carolyn Bush Roddy (player)
  • Beth Bass (CEO, Women's College Basketball Association)