High School Basketball Tryouts

What are some tips for high school basketball tryouts?

Let's assume you've never stepped on your high school's basketball court before and start from there. First, it's important to know that basketball is a team sport. You must be able to communicate and work together with your teammates throughout tryouts, practices, and games.

Practicing skills such as dribbling, shooting, and passing will prepare you well for tryouts. Showing your dedication through hustling, hard work, & careful listening can also give you an advantage to impress the coaches. .

Basketball Player Positions

There are a few different positions and it's important to know which position best suits you.

The positions are:

Depending on your speed, height, and skills your ideal position may vary.

Basketball Violations

Understanding basketball violations, and what could be called against you during a game is important before trying out. Some basic examples include carrying, traveling, and double dribbling. Click here to read more about violations.

Basketball Formations

Look over some basketball defensive formations, like man-to-man, zone, or full court press variations. This will be what your coaches teach your during practice, but it's good to be familiar with them in case you use these during tryouts.

The Court

Also become familiar with the basketball court and the meanings of the different lines and boundaries. The free throw line, 3-point line, midcourt line, and sidelines are some critical parts of the court to know.

Want to know more information about basketball? Read about Basketball Basics so you're totally prepared for your tryout!