Basketball Towels

Basketball Towel

Basketball towels are an essential part to the game of basketball. Although not required to play the sport, basketball towels have a few different essential uses. This piece will cover a wide variety of information including types, brands, design and materials involved with basketball towels. Frequently asked questions will be addressed as well.

What are towels used for?

A basketball towel is a piece of equipment that has many purposes on and off the basketball court. Towels are very important in cleaning players and surfaces of any liquid including sweat and water. A preliminary use of a towel in the game of basketball is to sweep any dirt or liquids that have fallen onto the actual basketball court floor. In addition, basketball towels can be used to wipe sweat off of players when they are sitting on the sidelines. Players can also put towels over their heads to keep themselves warm and their muscles loose. Basketball towels have a purpose in the stands with fans as well. These are called rally towels and are shook as a form of cheering for a team. Rally towels were first introduced to sporting events back in the mid 1970s.

Things To Consider

When looking for a basketball towel, you'll want to consider the following:

  • What style of towel do you want?
  • What material do you want your towel to be made of?
  • How much money do you have to spend on a basketball towel?
  • How long will the towel you are looking at last?
  • Do you want a certain color of towel?


The two main types of basketball towels are rally towels and sweat towels.

Rally Towels

Basketball Rally Towels

A rally towel is considered a sports paraphernalia. It is waved by fans at a basketball game as a method of cheering. Rally towels are typically small and come in a wide variety of colors. Fans will often shake these towels when players of the opposing team are shooting the ball.

Sweat Towels

Basketball Sweat Towels

Sweat towels have a more practical use in the game of basketball. They are used to wipe away any kind of sweat that is secreted from the players. These towels will often wipe away sweat from the eyes of athletes in order to improve vision capabilities for shooting.


The materials used to make basketball towels are cotton, cotton-poly blend, and microfiber.

  • Cotton: This material is a fluffy and breathable fiber that allows a towel to be soft. Unfortunately, this material can be torn relatively easily.
  • Cotton-Poly Blend: This material is a mixture of cotton and polyester. Polyester is considered to be more durable and resistant to tear compared to products made of cotton.
  • Microfiber: This synthetic material has an incredibly thin diameter. In fact, its diameter is thinner than that of silk. In addition, the material is extremely durable.


The most popular brands of basketball towels are Gatorade, Sinland, Wincraft, and The Rag Company.

  • Gatorade: Towels from this brand are considered superior because of the association with many different levels of sport competition. These towels are often seen at high school sport games.
  • Sinland: This brand is very popular because of its ability to dry players from large amounts of sweat. It's respected because of its quality materials.
  • Wincraft: This brand is unique because of its official partnership with the NBA. It serves as the official manufacturer for NBA on-court towels.
  • The Rag Company: This is another common towel used by NBA players. This brand is specifically known for its usage of microfibers.


When looking for basketball towels, some factors to consider are durability, color, cost, and size.


The durability of basketball towels depends heavily on what the towels are used for. Rally towels can last years since they aren't being used to wipe sweat off of players. The other kinds of towels need to be washed every single day in order to prevent sweat stains from occurring.


Rally towels come in a wide variety of colors in order to match the spirit and logo of a particular team. These types of towels will often have a bright color tone. Towels that are used to clean the court and players are almost always a plain white color with a simple logo.


The cost of basketball towels will vary based on the customization and brand involved. More personalized towels will obviously cost more than a plain white towel. A typical sideline Gatorade towel will cost around $12. A customized towel will cost around $30. Gatorade towels will generally cost more than other towel brands.


The most common size for the basketball bench towel is 16" X 27". After this, the 22" X 44" basketball towel is often draped by players around their necks. The style of all basketball towels is relatively similar. When picking a towel, readers should first determine the quality of softness they want against their skin.

What are the best basketball towels?


What towels do NBA basketball players use?

Wincraft is the official manufacturer of on-court towels for the NBA. As a result, players are required to use these towels on the bench during games. With that being said, professional players will use many towels from different brands during practices. These alternate towels include ones manufactured by Gatorade and Sinland.

What are the kinds of basketball towels?

The kinds of towels are dictated by their usage, durability and purpose. The main kinds of basketball towels are sweat towels and rally towels. Sweat towels are used mainly by the coaches and players during practices and games. These towels have a functional purpose. In some scenarios, the towels will be used to clean marks on the basketball court as well. Rally towels are often given to fans to help generate more cheering for a team.