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Basketball Regional Championship

Table of Contents

Basketball Regional Championship

The regional championships take place during the Elite Eight stage of the March Madness tournament. There are four regional championships each year, for each of the four regions: East, South, Midwest and West.

Elite Eight

The terms 'Elite Eight' and 'Regional Championship' are used interchangeably.

Who Plays Who?

When the Round of 64 begins, there are 16 teams in each region. By the Elite Eight, there are two teams left in each region. The two remaining teams in each region play each other. If a team wins in the Elite Eight, they advance to the Final Four.

Reaching the Elite Eight

To make it to the regional championships, teams have to win 3 tournament games. If the team was in the First Four, they will have to win 4 tournament games to make the Elite Eight.

Where are the Regional Championships?

The regional championships take place in new locations from year to year. However, the games will be played in the corresponding region. For example, the Midwest regional championship will be played somewhere in the Midwest.

How big of a Deal are the Regional Championships?

The regional championships are very important, and viewed by millions of people. They can also deliver some amazing matchups. In 2018, Kansas faced off against Duke in the Elite Eight in what would go down as an OT thriller. The ratings of this game, on CBS, hit an all time high of 9.2/10. 15.44 million people viewed the game on CBS, which was actually 3% lower than the UNC and Kentucky Elite Eight tilt from the year before.


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