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Basketball Pod

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Basketball Pod

In basketball, the term "pod" is used to describe a group of four teams seeded close to each other in tournament format basketball competitions. The term is mostly used during the month of March when one of the greatest sporting events of the year take place, the NCAA tournament, also known as March Madness. In the tournament, all 68 teams are seeded 1 to 16 and divided into four regions. Inside each region of 16 teams, there are 4 pods, which have four teams in them who will play in a playoff system, totaling three games in a pod. Teams in the pod will play against each other in the NCAA First Round, and the winners of the first two games will play each other in the NCAA Second Round. The 16 seeds in each region are always distributed into their respective pods in such a way that the sum of the seed numbers in every pod is 34. For instance, the first pod contains seeds 1, 16, 8, and 9; the second pod contains seeds 4, 13, 5, 12; the third pod contains seeds 2, 15, 7, 10; and the fourth pod contains seeds 3, 14, 6, and 11.

In March Madness, pods are divided into cities, and a whole pod will take place in the same designated city. The teams that win their pods, and advance to the Sweet Sixteen, will then move on to another city to play the next round of the tournament.


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