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Naia Men's Basketball Championships

The Basics of the NAIA

The NAIA also known as the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics is a counterpart to the NCAA and the schools within the NAIA are similar but completely separate of all NCAA schools. Their mission to create competitive athletics for their student-athletes with less emphasis on the monetary side of college athletics. They offer scholarships just like the top 2 divisions of the NCAA and both organizations have had very successful schools across the spectrum of college athletics.

The Basics of the NAIA Men's Basketball Tournament

The NAIA Basketball Tournament is quite similar to the NCAA March Madness tournament that so many people know of, watch, and follow throughout the early spring. The NAIA tournament has 32 teams which are separated into 4 regions where they are seeded 1-8. It is a single elimination style tournament that on average a week to complete. The beginning games are regionally played before going to a central city to play the final few games. For the 2020 NAIA tournament the location will be Kansas City, Missouri.

Powerhouses of NAIA Men's Basketball

Just like in any sport there are some programs in NAIA Men's Basketball Division I that rise to the top year after year. Oklahoma City University has won 6 National Titles, the most of any NAIA school at this time. Georgetown College in Kentucky won the 2019 National Title in NAIA and has reached 3 out of the last 7 title games. Other schools that have reached recent title games include Graceland University in Iowa, Carroll College in Montana, and LSU-Alexandria in Louisiana. All of these schools have found success just as recent NCAA champions Virginia and Villanova have found.