Basketball Scorers Tables

Basketball Scorers Table

The scorer's table in basketball is the table along the sideline where the official scorers and official statisticians sit. The members at this table have many responsibilities, mostly revolving around keeping track of what is happening in the game. Players who are waiting to substitute in will likely sit in front of the scorer’s table.

Official Scorer

There are one or more official scorers at the scorer's table, depending on the level of play. The official scorer keeps track of the score in the game, fouls, time, and timeouts. The official scorer communicates with the referee if a player fouls out. They also are responsible for communicating with the scoreboard operator if there is a conflict around the correct score or time.

Official Statistician

The official statistician also sits at the scorer’s table. Statisticians also have an important job: they must record a long list of statistics throughout the game. These statistics are compiled with other statistics onto databases which can help with analytical research of the game. They also are the statistics used to judge players. If you’ve ever wondered who records all the basketball statistics you see online, it is likely an official statistician.

Location On the Floor

The basketball scorer’s table is located right on the sideline of the court. Due to its proximity to the action, the scorer’s table can often be an obstacle for players. If a player is trying to save a ball that is going out of bounds, they could fall onto or jump over the scorer’s table. The members of the scorer’s table have to keep an eye out during the game.


Who sits at an NBA scorer’s table?

There are two main officials who sit at an NBA scorer’s table: the official scorer and the official statistician. The scorer deals with real-time aspects of the game, such as tracking fouls and managing the game clock, while the statistician tracks player statistics that will be published for the general public as the game goes on.

How much does a basketball scorer’s table cost?

Basketball scorer’s tables can vary greatly in price depending on a few factors. The cheapest scorer’s tables are usually not customizable and made of cheaper materials. These tables can cost anywhere from $4,000 to $6,000. Highly customizable and higher-quality tables can cost much more, ranging up to $40,000. These tables can be more expensive due to LED screens on the front, more seating available and higher quality materials. At lower levels of play, such as youth and high school basketball, some leagues will forgo this expense and use folding tables.