Basketball Rim

Basketball rings and rims

The rim in basketball is a metal circle which the ball must go through in order for a point to be scored. The net is attached to the bottom of the rim and hangs below and behind the rim is the backboard. This creates what we know as the basketball hoop.

The Rim

The rim has the same dimensions on all basketball courts. It is 10 feet off the ground and has a diameter of 18 inches. It is about 2 times the diameter of a basketball which is around 9 inches. This means the ball can fit into the rim, which is absolutely necessary because that is how you score points in basketball. The rim is made from metal which is attached to springs so it can slightly bend downwards. This is crucial because without the backboard it would shatter every time someone dunked the ball.


A rim is crucial to the game of basketball, as the game itself cannot be played without a rim. Some streetball games can be played without a net or possibly without a backboard, but the rim is fundamental and basketball just doesn't work without a rim. To score any points in basketball, the ball needs to go through the rim. If you miss a shot, the ball might bounce off the rim and create an offensive or defensive rebound.

How It Affects The Game

The rim can have a huge impact on a specific shot during a basketball game. Since the rim is very bouncy, the ball must hit it just right to bounce into the hoop. Shooter's touch is a saying that explains how some players are really good at making the ball bounce around on the rim and eventually go in. On the contrary, some shots bounce off the rim and go straight out, these shots are known as bricks. A player should be good at reading the rim, this means knowing where the ball will bounce after hitting the rim on a missed shot. This can help your rebounding skills and comes with time. The only way to improve this skill is to play and watch a lot of basketball.

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