Basketball The Point

Basketball The Point

The Point area in basketball is located outside of the three point arc and directly above the top of the key. This could also be known as up top or above the key and is the area where many set plays begin and are called from. It is also an area where the point guard spends a lot of time which is where his name came from, the guard at “The Point” on the court.

How Offenses Use The Point

The Point as previously noted is an area on the court where much of the offense in basketball runs through throughout the course of the game. Ball handlers as well as post players could see themselves at the point depending on the game situation and the offense that the team is running. It is an area on the court where the offense is the most dangerous because of the many options that could be used from this area as both sides of the court are open and able to be attacked easily.

How Defenses Defend The Point

A good defense is able to stop penetration while also contesting perimeter shots and this is a key statement involving The Point. The defense must not allow good perimeter shots to be taken from this area but at the same time limit penetration from ball handlers. If they are able to contain the point a lot of the offense of the other team can be limited, bonding well for the defending team over the course of the game.