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Perimeter Basketball

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Basketball Perimeter

In basketball, the perimeter is the area inside the three point line that's not inside the paint. The area is also referred to as mid-range, and the perimeter shots can be called mid-range shots. For example, a long two pointer, where the player steps on the three point line is a perimeter shot. The perimeter is an important section of the basketball court, especially on offense; players must move in the perimeter and look to attack the basket from the area.

You may hear terms such as perimeter shooting, perimeter defense, or perimeter player, take a look at more of those terms below:

basketball perimeter

Perimeter Player

Players who use the perimeter area to score, either by shooting form there, or attacking the basket starting in the area. Perimeter players are usually shooting guards or small forwards who can shoot open shots and drive to the basket well.

Basketball Perimeter Defense

The term perimeter defense can be used referring to a whole team or an individual player. It is a defense that does not allow opponents to score from the perimeter area.

Basketball Perimeter Shooting

A perimeter shooting in basketball is a shot taken from the perimeter area, those shots are also called mid-range shots


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