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Basketball Half Court Lines

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Basketball Half-Court Line

The half-court line in basketball is a line on a basketball court that is located in the exact center, dividing the court equally into two pieces. It is also known as the timeline and the midcourt line. The half-court line separates the frontcourt from the backcourt and is used to determine a backcourt violation.

basketball half court line

The frontcourt is the part of the court that the offense is attacking, while the ball is moved through the backcourt to get there. The half-court line is 50 feet long and is 47 feet from each baseline.


Backcourt Violation

A backcourt violation occurs when the ball crosses the half-court line before returning to the backcourt while being possessed by the same team. This usually happens when a player in the frontcourt passes to a player not yet established in the frontcourt. A backcourt violation results in a loss of possession. You can learn more about backcourt violations in the Basketball Backcourt Violation tutorial


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