Corner Basketball

Basketball Corner

Basketball Corner

Each part of the basketball court has its own name, and it is very important to refer to each part by their correct name. The corners in basketball are the areas in the basketball court where the sidelines and baselines meet. The corners can also be referred to as wings.

The corners are an important part of the game. They are used for strategy and play design during games. Due to its importance, a lot of terminology in basketball is linked to the corners.

Corner Shot

A corner shot is a shot taken from the corner, most commonly a three point shot. Players take a lot of corner threes in modern basketball. One of the most famous corner shots in history was made by Ray Allen during  Game 6 of the 2013 NBA finals.

Four Corner Offense

A four corner offense is one where players spread around the frontcourt’s corners. Four players spread around, to the corners while the fifth player, the point guard, brings up the ball through the middle.


Some players are sometimes referred to as wings. That terminology is used mostly used to describe small forwards and shooting guards, as they are the ones positioned on the corners, or wings, and who will make plays from that area.