Basketball Court Components

Basketball Court

Court Components

There are few major components of a basketball court that every fan, coach, or player must know. During a basketball game or practice, you may hear these components called by multiple names:

The Basket, Backboard, & Net

Basketball Hoop

The most important component on a basketball court is the basket. Every basket has a net and a rim that is attached to a backboard. With two located on opposite ends of the court, the basket is where all scoring happens in basketball.

Front Court And Back Court

basketball Front Court Back Court

The midcourt line is located exactly in the middle of the court and divides it into two, equal-sized pieces called the frontcourt and backcourt. The frontcourt and backcourt are relative to which team has possession of the ball. The team that has possession of the basketball has its basket located in the backcourt.

Do you notice the arrow of possession in the above? That refers to the direction that the team with the ball is heading.

The Center Circle

basketball Center Circle

Also known as the jump circle, the center circle is located in the middle of the court and is split in half by the midcourt line. It is used to put the ball into play with jump balls; this happens to begin each game.

Three-Point Line

basketball Three Point Line

The three-point line is an arc on both the frontcourt and the backcourt of a basketball court and is a very important component. This is because when a player shoots from behind the arc of the three-point line they are awarded three points. If they shoot from inside the three-point line they are only awarded two points.

The Paint

basketball paint

Also known as the lane, the key, or the free throw lane, the paint is an area of the court down below the hoop. There are specific rules in basketball tied to the paint like the 3-second rule, which penalizes any player that spends longer than three seconds in the paint.

Low Blocks

Basketball Low Block

There are two areas located on the edges of the paint called the low blocks. They are commonly used in play design by coaches showing where certain players should position themselves during a basketball game.

Restricted Area

basketball Restricted Area

In NBA basketball there is an area in the paint called the restricted area. It's used to stop defensive players from standing underneath the basket to draw an easy foul.