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Basketball Baseline

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Basketball Baseline

The baseline in basketball is the boundary line running along the edges of the court on the sides behind the baskets. It marks where a player or the ball goes out of bounds, and is used to separate the area of play and the area that is out of bounds. On a typical basketball court, the baseline will measure 50 feet long, however the length can vary by court. The baseline can also be referred to as the end line.

basketball baseline

Everytime a basket is scored, a player on the non-scoring team must step out of bounds behind the baseline and pass the ball to a teammate. It is also used as the boundary for inbounding the ball after a timeout or simply after the ball goes out of bounds. The baseline is usually a common point of reference on replays, as officials can see whether any part of the player's body or the ball is touching the baseline, making them out of bounds.


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