Basketball Tight Game

A tight game in basketball is when both teams are close within the score of a game and no one team is leading the other by a large amount for a consistent amount of time. This can also refer to teams preventing each other from scoring at a high rate. The majority of the most exciting basketball games are tight games, since either team has a chance to win, but they can be stressful to watch!

What Qualifies as a Tight Game?

Depending on the game, different people will have different qualifications for what they consider a tight game. However, a good rule of thumb throughout the game is that, if the winning team is only up by 10 points or less, the game is a tight game. Only a few possessions are needed to easily change the lead, so the game is still tight. If a team were to be winning by 18 points, the game is not as tight since the deficit cannot easily be made up.

The qualifications change later in the game as the minutes are winding down. In the final few minutes, a game is considered to be tight if the winning team is only winning by two possessions (4-6 points). Though it is more likely that the team winning in the last few minutes is going to win, a comeback could still happen. Basketball is not always predictable!