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Basketball Teams

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Basketball Basketball Team

A basketball team in basketball is a collection of basketball players that play for the same squad. There are some differences between basketball teams in the NCAA and the NBA.

Similarities Between NBA and NCAA

There are fifteen players on both an NCAA and NBA team roster. In both leagues, the games are 5-on-5. This means each team has 5 players on the court at all times. Players on the team can substitute in and out throughout the game.

Differences Between NBA and NCAA

In the NCAA, 13 players players dress for a game. This means there are 13 players who get into a game uniform and can take part in the game. In the NBA, only 12 players dress for a game.

What are the Teams in the NCAA?

In the NCAA, each team represents a college. Not all colleges have NCAA teams. NCAA teams can be in Division 1, 2, or 3. The most competitive is Division 1.

How are the NBA Teams Organized?

The NBA teams are divided into two conferences. In each conference, there are three divisions which each contain five teams.


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