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Basketball Teammates

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Basketball Teammate

A teammate in basketball is a fellow player who plays on the same basketball team. The collection of all teammates for one squad makes up a team.

What Makes a Good Teammate?

Ideally, teammates should support each other while also having high expectations for each other. Basketball is often thought of as an individual sport, since a single player can carry a team. However, good teammates certainly contribute to overall success.

How to Support a Teammate

Celebrating with a teammate, high fiving after a free throw, and patting a teammate on the back as they come out of the game are all examples of supporting a teammate. It's not always about the big gestures: it's important to consistently be there for your teammates.

Supporting a teammate when he is struggling is just as important as supporting them when things are going well. Much like friends, teammates should always have their teammate's back no matter what's happening.

Having High Expectations

While it's important to support your teammate, you should also demand a lot out of each other. During training, teammates often push each other to hit an extra set in the weight room, run an extra lap, or rethink their dietary choices. Teammates share similar motives, which makes it easy for them to motivate each other.

Who's the Best Teammate in the NBA?

It's impossible to say who is the best teammate in the NBA, as that is a highly subjective matter. However, many people point to Steph Curry as an example of a fantastic teammate. Curry allowed Kevin Durant to take over much of the leadership role after Durant signed in Golden State. Curry is also known to pass open shots and rather pass to a teammate who he knows has a better lane to the basket.

Is Lebron James a Bad Teammate?

Many people call Lebron James a bad teammate, or a selfish player. Whether or not it's James's fault is debatable, but it's obvious that it's difficult to play on the same team as James.

Media follows Lebron James like crazy, meaning his team is always in the spotlight. This is damaging for a team, as it's difficult to always have high expectations from fans and media.

If you're playing with Lebron, you are also going to be relegated to a sidekick or depth role. This is tough for some players to swallow, but there's not much they can do about it. Lebron rarely shares the spotlight, and players like Kyrie Irving are upset by this. Irving requested a trade out of Cleveland so that he didn't have to live in the shadow of Lebron anymore.


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