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Basketball Swish

Table of Contents

Basketball Swish

A swish in basketball is a scored basket which passes through the net without touching the hoop, backboard, or rim. A swish is seen as the product of a perfect shot in basketball, since it goes directly through the basket, unassisted.

Why is It Called a Swish?

The term 'swish' comes from the sound the ball makes when it goes through the net without touching anything else on the basket. The term was first used in a basketball story in 1913 and skyrocketed in use from there. Whether watching a broadcast for an NBA or WNBA game or attending an elementary school basketball game, you will hear the term be used by basketball fans and players!

How to Swish Your Shot

In order to swish a shot from anywhere on the court, you will have to be familiar with how hard you need to shoot the ball from any location. This skill comes with time and will get easier with practice and experience! You should put enough of an arc on the ball for it to travel over the rim and into the basket, achieving an angle that is no higher than 60 degrees. Make sure you have enough momentum to follow through with your shot, you put power behind it, and that you release it at the apex of your shot! You'll be swishing the ball in no time!


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