Basketball Soft Hands

Basketball Soft Hands

In basketball, if a player has soft hands that means he has good control of the basketball and has good dribbling ability. The player might also be referred to as a great ball handler, since many of the skills of a good ball handler are the same as those of a player with soft hands.

Soft hands also is another term for a player with good hand-eye coordination.

Soft Hands in Other Sports

You may have heard this terminology used in other sports. In football, a player has soft hands if he can catch the ball well and is not clumsy. In hockey or lacrosse, a player has soft hands if they can handle the puck or ball skillfully and deke players.

Basketball Soft Shooter

A soft shooter in basketball is a player that shoots softly and with accuracy. A point guard should have soft hands to make three point shots consistently. Alternatively, a big man who hangs around the basket is not as required to have soft hands. However, it would certainly help with his rebounding and shooting.

Who has the Softest Hands in the NBA?

The player with the softest hands is likely the best ball handler in the NBA. Most people point to Kyrie Irving as the best ball handler. Irving recently signed with the Brooklyn Nets.

Basketball Soft Hands