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Basketball Shot Caller

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Basketball Shot Caller

In basketball, the expression "shot caller" is used in two different situations, when referring to a point guard, and when a player "calls" their shot during a game, saying that he or she will make it. Outside of basketball, the term shot caller refers to the person who makes the ultimate decisions for something; In basketball, the point guard tends to be the player making the decisions, such as what plays to call and when. The point guard is also the primary ball-handler and tends to be the coach's representation inside the court. Due to all those characteristics, the point guard is sometimes called the "shot caller", even though he or she might not be the player actually making the ultimate decision. When a payer calls a shot in basketball, it means he or she thinks it will go in. As the name indicates, a shot caller can also be someone who calls a shot. Good shot callers have confidence they will make shots, and that's why they do it.

Basketball Point Guard


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