Basketball Out Front

Basketball Out Front

Out front in basketball is a location on the court in front court between the center circle and the three-point line. It is also known as the point. This is the location on the court where most plays begin and where most point guards play while on offense.

What Happens Out Front?

When a point guard brings the ball to his or her side of the court to start their team's offense, the usually begin out front, since it is at the top of the key and leaves all options open. At the point, the player can shoot a 3-pointer, drive toward the basket, pass the ball, pivot for more options, or dribble to another location, depending on which option would be best for their team.

Defending Out Front

Since most plays begin out front and there are so many possibilities present for the offense, it can be nearly impossible to defend every option. The entire defense has to work together to prevent the offense from receiving backdoor passes or simply driving to the basket. Force the offense to keep the ball around the perimeter or out front, since 3-pointers are more difficult to make then layups.