Basketball Offensive Player

Basketball Offensive Player

An offensive player in basketball is a player whose team has possession of the basketball.

A player is an offensive player whenever their team has the ball, and a defensive player whenever the other team has the ball. This can change at any moment through a turnover or made field goal.

The goal of every offensive player is to help their team put the ball in the basket. This can be done in various ways, and often requires all offensive teammates to be on the same page. At high levels of competition, many of the offensive players on the court will not even try to score if they get the ball, as their movements and actions are part of a bigger play scheme to get an easy shot.

Offensive players are able to dribble, pass, or shoot when they have the ball. If they do not have the ball, an offensive player can cut, screen, and call for the ball to try and help their team score.

Offensive players have to be careful about not committing offensive fouls. These include charging and illegal screens. You can read more about offensive fouls in Basketball Offensive Fouls.