Basketball Home Team

Home Team

In any basketball game, there is a home and an away team. Right now we're going to focus on the home team.

What Does It Mean?

During a typical basketball game, one team travels to another team's hometown and that's where the game takes place. The team hosting the game in their home arena is known as the 'home team' and the visiting team is known as the 'away team'.

Home Court Advantage

Being the home team comes with its share of advantages. For one, you are familiar with your surroundings and are in the comfort of your own locker room and arena. A visiting team may also have to fly in and could be less rested than the home team. Another thing is crowd noise. Crowd noise is huge because a home team can feed off the energy in the building to go on runs and win the game. College basketball crowds are known for their school spirit and creating a hostile atmosphere for the away team. They can make the visitors lose their focus on a play and can have a huge impact on the game.

Neutral Location

Many times in basketball a game is played at a neutral site. This is to make sure there is no home court advantage impacting the game. For example, all postseason play in college basketball is played on a neutral court, to create a fair situation that really shows who the better team is.