Basketball Grooving

Basketball Grooving

The groove of a player in basketball is the flow and tempo they have when they shoot. If a player gets into a groove, or is grooving, they are consistently shooting accurately and handling the ball well. Synonyms for grooving include “locked in”, “heating up”, or “on fire”.


Much like putting in golf or kicking a field goal in football, basketball players must have a high level of poise to make their shots. There is a lot of pressure on the shooter to perform correctly.

Basketball Grooving

Players with better poise are more likely to get into a groove, and are also more likely to break out of a slump.


Slumping is the opposite of grooving. If a player is slumping he is shooting the ball poorly, and having trouble handling and moving the ball.


A coach needs to be aware of which of his players are grooving and which are slumping. A coach should always let a player who’s grooving ride the wave and stay in the game. If a player is slumping, the coach should bench him for awhile in favor of someone who may heat up.