Basketball Gadget Defense

Basketball Gadget Defense

In basketball, a "gadget" defender is a player who specializes in defending. These are usually players who have long, active arms and use their full frame to defend. The term "gadget" is used because this defender can steal the ball or disrupt the ball handler in a number of ways; the active hands of a gadget defender suffocate an offensive player.

basketball gadget defense

Gadget defenders usually guard the offense's star player or scorer, although great gadget defenders can guard almost anyone. Gadget defenders are often lanky wing players that can cover extra space with an extended wingspan.

Basketball Two Gadget Defense

A two gadget defense in basketball is when the guards attack the ball handler on defense. This rushes the ball handler's decision making and forces him to make a quick play. This is a huge help for a defense that presses and looks to score on the fastbreak.