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Basketball Enplane

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Basketball Enplane

An enplane in basketball is a term used to describe grabbing a rebound from the backboard. A rebound comes from a missed field goal attempt and can be grabbed by the offense or defense. An enplane can also occur off of a missed free throw attempt.

Securing enplanes is a significant part of the game. Rebounds are crucial because without them, it can be very difficult to retain possession of the ball and score points. They also prevent the opposing team from gaining possession and getting more chances to score points.

After an enplane, the team who has possession will try to score. If it is a defensive rebound, the direction of play will switch toward the other basket. If an offensive rebound, the offense will continue to try and score on the same basket.

Sometimes, a contested rebound goes out of bounds. Possession is awarded to the opponent of the team that touched the ball last with an inbound pass.


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