Basketball Coast To Coast

A coast to coast drive in basketball is when a player dribbles with the basketball from one side of the court to the other. This is an exciting and impressive play, as it involves just one player individually doing everything to score points for his team.

Going coast to coast takes a lot of confidence. Most players would just dish the ball off to their teammate to get the possession started.

Skills Needed

If a player is going to go coast to coast, he needs to be a great ball handler. Otherwise, he will likely have the ball taken away from him on his way up the court by the opposing defense.

It is also important to have a high basketball IQ. Remember that basketball IQ, or game sense, is the ability to read plays and make intelligent decisions on the court. A smart player knows when to keep the ball himself, and when to pass to another player.

Last Second Plays

Sometimes a team will draw up a play which involves their best shooter receiving the ball on the inbound, running up the court, and shooting a buzzer beater shot to tie or win the game. When there's not much time left on the clock, there are only so many options a team has. Having the team's top shooter go coast to coast is always a tempting option for a coach.

One famous time this happened was in the 2017 NCAA March Madness Tournament. With 4 seconds left and Florida trailing by two, the ball was inbound to Chris Chiozza. Chiozza ran all the way up to the floor, traveling coast to coast, and hit a game-winning buzzer beater three point shot!