Charity Stripe Basketball

Basketball Charity Stripe

The charity stripe in basketball is another term used to describe the free throw line. The free throw line is sometimes referred to as the charity stripe because foul shots are being "given" to a player. The charity stripe is where players will shoot free throws after being fouled by the opposing team.

When players are shooting free throws from the charity stripe, play will be stopped and players will line up in the designated spots on the side of the key. Players will receive one, two, or three free throws depending on the foul that was committed. The ball will become live again after the player shoots their final free throw at each visit to the charity stripe.

The width of the charity stripe can vary at different levels of the sport, ranging from around 12 feet to 16 feet. The distance from the charity stripe to the backboard remains the same at 15 feet across all levels.

Basketball charity stripe