Backdoor Basketball

Basketball Backdoor Move

A backdoor movement is an offensive movement made by players in order to get free and score. In a backdoor, the offensive player will go behind the defender’s back, hence the name backdoor.

The backdoor move is most commonly used when cutting to the basket, in what is called the backdoor cut. In a backdoor cut, the player will cut towards the basket behind his defender’s back, that way getting free to receive an easy inside pass that can result in two more points.

Backdoors may not always end in a basket or in a pass. However, it is still important for players to execute the backdoor movements according to the game play, as it contributes to the ball movement and it can generate space in the defense, and confuse defending  players.

Backdoor plays are very common in basketball and widely used. The play works both against zone defenses and man defenses, however, it tends to be more effective against zone defenses. Backdoor moves are very powerful offensive weapons, and basketball teams of all levels use them.