Basketball Inside Offense

Basketball Inside Offense

Basics of Inside Offense

Inside or interior offense in basketball usually involves the power forward or center mainly from each and every team. Inside offense is a general term that can encompass many parts of the offensive part of basketball including driving to the basket, post offense, layups, dunks, jump hooks, or anything in between. Many teams used to score most of their points using an inside heavy approach although in recent times due to many factors offenses have gone away from the traditional sense of the inside game.

How to Stop Inside Offense

The best way to disrupt interior offense is to front the post players not allowing for them to easily receive passes from the outside. By staying in front or “fronting” the player they cannot receive the ball without running into the basket or other defensive players behind him. If the defense cannot front, they must be able to maintain position or drive the offensive players into poor spots like into other defenders or underneath the basket. The best defense will lead to either a block, missed shot, or a pass back out to the perimeter which is considered a success against inside offense.

How to Counteract Good Defense Inside

When a team defends the paint well, the offense must adjust if they want easy baskets inside to continue to be an option. One way to free up the inside is for the post players to set screens for either other creating mismatches or good 1v1 opportunities in good positioning. Using an inside-out philosophy can open up the inside as well. By passing out to perimeter shooters on a regular basis, the interior players will find they have more space to maneuver when they have offensive possessions.