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Basketball Scorebook

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Basketball Scorebook

A scorebook in basketball is a book that includes all stats from the game. This is also referred to as the scoresheet. The scorekeeper has many things to keep track of throughout a game:

The scorekeeper sits next to the clock operator at the scorer's table. These two must work together to make sure the information displayed on the scoreboard matches exactly what is recorded in the scorebook.


How to keep a scorebook

The main format of a scorebook is to have player names on the left and space for their statistics to the right of each name. The top of the scorebook will contain a long list of numbers used for tallying running score. The scorekeeper crosses off each number as it is reached during the course of the game.


Importance of the scorebook

The scorebook is an integral part of a basketball game because it contains all the official information about the game. It is necessary to keep the game running smoothly. For example, the scorekeeper must alert the officials when a player is fouled out so that they can get the player off the court.


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