Basketball Rebounds

Basketball Rebound

Basketball Rebounds

A rebound is when a shot does not go in the net and bounces off the rim or backboard, into the hands of a player below. Both offensive and defensive players can rebound the ball and decide what to do next based on the situation they are in. On offense, a player can either pass or shoot, while on defense a player can either pass or dribble.

The Backboard

basketball Backboard

The backboard is a piece of equipment attached to the hoop, rim, and net. Made out of Plexiglas, it measures 72 inches x 42 inches and has a rectangle in the middle that is 24 inches x 18inches. Backboards are used by players to frame the shot and hit bank shots and layups; they do so by hitting the rectangle in the middle of the backboard. More often than not, if you hit that rectangle, then your shot will go in.

Offensive Rebounds In Basketball

Basketball Offensive Rebound

An offensive rebound is a rebound caught by an offensive player on the same team that shot the ball. It's called an offensive rebound because the team that shot and rebounded the ball is on offense. An offensive player can pass, shoot, or dribble after an offensive rebound. Most of the time an offensive rebounder will shoot the ball right back up to the hoop immediately or pass it outside the arc.

Offensive Rebound Percentage

If your team has a high offensive rebound percentage it shows that your team is able to recover rebounds and play effective offense down low. Having a low offensive rebound percentage correlates with a high turnover percentage. Having a high turnover percentage is bad for teams because it indicates that they were careless with the ball and gave it up often.

Defensive Rebounds In Basketball

Basketball Defensive Rebound

A defensive rebound is a rebound caught by a defensive player on the other team. It's called a defensive rebound because the team that is defending rebounded the ball. Defensive players can either dribble the ball towards the frontcourt or pass after rebounding depending on how many of the opposition's players are around them.

Defensive Rebound Percentage

If your team has a high defensive rebound percentage it shows that your team is able to recover rebounds and play effective defense. Having a low defensive rebound percentage typically correlates with a higher score for the other team in a game. If your team is not getting rebounds, then they are allowing points to be scored.

Basketball Boxing Out

Basketball Boxing Out

Boxing out is a strategy used by players on both teams to increase the chance of getting the rebound. When players box out, they stand close to the hoop and face it while blocking the player on the opposing team. Boxing out is all about making sure you get the rebound if it bounces off the backboard. The player boxing out must lean their weight on the player behind them in order to block their path to the ball. Then, when the ball hits its arc in the air, they must leap as hard as they can and reach their arms out as far as they can to try and grab the ball.