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Basketball Offensive Rebound

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Basketball Offensive Rebound

An offensive rebound in basketball is the act of getting a rebound by an offensive player, after a shot attempt by one of their teammates. Offensive rebounds are recorded in the box score for each game and can be a large part of a team's offense.

basketball offensive rebound

Second-Chance Points

Offensive rebounds automatically give the offense an opportunity for second-chance points. When a player on the offense misses a shot and then a player on her team gets the rebound, their team has a second chance for points on that possession. Even if the player shoots and misses and is fouled during the shot, the player has a second chance for points during the foul shots.

Shot Clock and Offensive Rebounds

The offense must always be concerned with the shot clock while they have possession of the ball, since they do not want a turnover instead of 2-points. If an offensive player takes a shot and misses, but does not hit the rim, the offensive rebounder has to continue on the possession quickly, without the shot clock resetting. If it does hit the rim, the shot clock resets and the rebounder can take their time in making a decision.

How to Get Offensive Rebounds

Since offensive rebounds can be so game-changing, it's important to spend time working on and evolving your rebounding skills. Make sure to box out any defenders once the shot is attempted, keep your eye on the ball throughout the entire attempt, and be the first to the ball once it is missed. Often the tallest players are the ones getting most of the rebounds, but being in the right place and in the right position can make all of the difference!


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