Basketball Free Throw Percentage

Basketball Free Throw Percentage

The free throw percentage is the most basic shooting statistic in basketball, and it is the primary way to measure how good of a free throw shooter a player is. The NBA’s free throw percentage as a league is around 78%, while college basketball’s is around 75%. Read on to learn more about the free throw percentage stat.

What Is Free Throw Percentage?

Free throw percentage is a measurement of how many free throws are made out of free throws taken. Calculating individual and team free throw percentage is simple: divide the number of free throws taken by free throws made. For example, if LeBron James takes 10 free throws and makes eight of them, he has an 80% free throw percentage.

Free Throw Percentage Records

The highest free throw percentage during a single season belongs to Jose Calderon during the 2008-09 season. Calderon shot 98.1% from the line. The highest career free throw percentage belongs to Steph Curry, who has been a 90.87% shooter from the line during his career.

The worst free throw percentage during a season belongs to Ben Wallace, who shot 33.6% from the line in 2000-2001. The worst career free throw percentage also belongs to Ben Wallace, who shot 41.4% from the line throughout his career.