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Basketball Box Score

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Basketball Box Score

The box score in basketball is the official record of the stats that occured in a basketball game. It is printed on a sheet, and contains information about both teams after the game. After halftime the sheet is given to both team's coaches and after the game it is finalized and is published for the public.

What is in a Basketball Box Score?

The box score tracks each individual players stats and puts it into an easy to read format. A player's box score is often said to be their "stat line". That comes from the formatting of a box score, because a player's stats are displayed horizontally, giving the visual of a line.


The amount of points a player contributed throughout the course of the game.


Every time a player grabs a missed shot it is recorded as a rebound. The box score also separates it into offensive and defensive rebounds.


When the ball is passed to a teammate who then goes on to score a basket, within reasonable time, an assist is attibuted to the passer. Assist tracking is somewhat relative and they can be scored differently depending on what the score keeper judges.


If a defensive player takes the ball away from an offensive player, intercepts a pass, or recovers a loose ball it is considered to be a steal.


If a defender legally makes contact with the ball after it is shot by an offensive player, altering the trajectory of the ball it is deemed a block.


A bad pass, lost ball, offensive foul, ball violation all result in a turnover and are marked down in the box score.


A player's fouls they commit during the game are recorded and differentiated from offensive and defensive.

Shooting Percentages

Shooting percentages are calculated with the equation: shots made divided by attempted. The box score tracks a player's field goal percentage (all shots during the game excluding free throws), three point percentage (only three pointers), and free throw percentage (only free throws).


Finally, the box score notes how many fans were at the game that was played. This is done for informational purposes.

How to Read a Box Score in Basketball

Once you know what you're looking for, a box score is very easy to read. It Is broken up into sections, one for the home team and one for the away team. Now that you've read up on everything that is included, it is a good idea to understand how it all comes together. Try to view the box score as if you were a coach of a team.

Coaches make use of the box score to quickly find out the story of the game during halftime. Adjustments can be made if there is a large difference in one stat. Coaches also have certain stats that they think are the most important based on their gamplan. Some teams look to win the turnover battle while others try to have the most three pointers.


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