Up And Under Basketball

Basketball Up And Under

In basketball, an up and under move is used to make a defender jump so the offensive player can go underneath the defender and take an open shot. It consists of a pump fake and then a step through towards the basket. The up and under is particularly useful against players who jump often because they want to block shots.

Where To Use An Up And Under

The up and under move is primarily used by players in the low post with their back to the basket. Additionally, this move can be used by players looking for a shot further from the rim.

Up And Under Step By Step

In The Low Post

For the purpose of these instructions, the offensive player will be positioned on the low post to the right of the basket. To perform the move on the left side, simply substitute “right foot” with “left foot” and vice versa.

When a player in the low post catches the ball with his back to the basket, he can turn to the center of the paint or to the baseline.

If spinning toward the center of the paint, the player pivots on his right foot, which is positioned further from the baseline. The player brings his left foot around so he has turned 180 degrees and is facing the opposite sideline. Then, the offensive player pump fakes to get the defender up in the air. The offensive player keeps his pivot foot on the ground and takes another step with his left foot toward the basket. The offensive player can then finish the play with a layup.

To spin toward the baseline, the offensive player turns in the opposite direction. This time, he pivots on his left foot, turning toward the baseline. Again, the player faces up, pump fakes, and takes another step in the same direction with his right foot before finishing with a layup.

Further From The Basket

Further away from the basket, the shooter can do the same thing, though the move starts with the shot fake because the offensive player is already facing the general direction of the basket. As long as he/she has jump stopped, the offensive player can pivot on either foot to step under the leaping defender.

The player using this move at a distance can take a big step under the defender so he can get close enough to the basket for a controlled shot. However, it can still be used further outside to create space for a leaner, also known as a leaning jump shot.

Important Reminder

When performing an up and under, the player must keep his pivot foot on the floor through the entire move. If he/she does not, the player will be called for a travel.